Organic Pumpkin seeds

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Organic pumpkin seeds, dark green in color and deliciously crunchy. A good addition to yogurt, salads or baked goods.

Content: Available in cardboard displays of 11 x 180 grams or 12 x 45 grams.

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Organic Pumpkin seeds

Organic pumpkin seeds, also called “pepitas,” are native to Central and South America and grow in pumpkins. They are super healthy and are rich in iron, vitamin E, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, omega-6 fatty acids, fiber and protein. A 28-gram serving contains 4.2 mg of iron, which is 23 percent of the RDI.

Did you know that a handful of pumpkin seeds a day helps with weight loss? Research shows that they have a positive effect on prostate and bladder health, heart health, lower blood sugar levels and work well for falling asleep. In order to eat the seeds, the skin of the seeds is first removed. They are delicious in yogurt, salads, bread, pastries or to eat out of hand.

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Pumpkin seeds (100%) of biological origin.


Available in cardboard displays of (11 x 180 grams | 12 x 45 grams).


May contain traces of gluten, nuts, soy, peanuts and sesame.


Keep cool, dark, packed and dry.

Country of origin


Nutritional value per 100 grams

Energy2375 Kj / 567 Kcal
Fats47,2 g
– of which saturated fat11,1 g
Carbohydrates2,7 g
– of which sugars1,6 g 
Protein30,3 g
Salt0,03 g
Fiber8,5 g