Honey wasabi peanuts

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Crispy and slightly spicy peanuts coated with a layer of sweet honey. A delicious snack that gives you energy, and a tasty alternative to chips or sweets.

Content: Available in cardboard displays of (11 x 180 grams | 12 x 45 grams).
NoyNuts Honing Wasabi Pindas

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Honey wasabi peanuts

Honey wasabi peanuts are the perfect snack for when you just can’t decide between sweet and savory. Nice and crunchy, with a slightly spicy and at the same time sweet character. A delicious snack that really gives you energy!

Wasabi is a spice from Japan. You often see it in sushi and fish dishes, but it also gives nuts a delicious sharp taste that can be compared to mustard. Wasabi is obtained by grating the root stem of the plant. It can then be processed into a thick paste or freeze-dried powder.

Peanuts are naturally packed with vitamins B3, E and zinc. In addition, they are real protein bombs: 100 grams of peanuts contain no less than 24 grams of protein! In combination with the sweet honey, this snack gives you energy and a full feeling, making it ideal as a snack after exercise.

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PEANUTS (76%), sugar, honey (3.5%), wasabi (2%), sea salt (1%).


Available in cardboard displays of 11 x 180 grams or 12 x 45 grams.


May contain traces of nuts, soy, gluten and sesame.


Store in a dark, cool, closed off and dry place.


Produced in The Netherlands.

Nutritional value per 100 grams

Energy2349 kJ / 565 kcal
Fats37,5 g
– of which saturated fat5,2 g
Carbohydrates33,6 g
– of which sugars22,6 g
Protein19,9 g
Salt1,6 g
Fiber6,7 g


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